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FTP Session Control


The FTP Session Control function displays general information about who is logged in to your FTP server. You can also terminate FTP connections to your site.

note Note: You will only see the FTP Accounts icon if your system administrator has enabled FTP services on your server.

View current FTP sessions

You can view the following information about connections to your FTP server:

User The username for the FTP account that is logged in. (For example, user.)
Logged in From The host through which the user connected to your FTP server. (For example,
Login Time The time and date at which the FTP session started. (For example, Fri Jul 19 13:19:20 2013.)
Status The status of the FTP session. (For example, IDLE.)
Disconnect Click the Disconnect button (FTPDisconnect.png) to stop an FTP session.
Process ID The process ID for the FTP session. (For example, 13926.)

You can use the Reload button to refresh the list of FTP sessions, to see if any other users have logged in to your FTP server since you last viewed the list.

Disconnect users from an FTP session

You may wish to disconnect an FTP connection if you suspect malicious activity from a user, or if the user is idle.

To disconnect users from an FTP session:

  1. Click the Disconnect button (FTPDisconnect.png) that corresponds to the FTP session that you wish to disconnect.
  2. You can click Reload to verify that the account is no longer connected.

Do I have access to the tech support center 24 hours 7 days a week?

Yes, our technical support center is open 24 hours 7 days a week to provide our customers service, around the clock. You can receive Live Chat and Phone service from our 24 / 7 available customer support team for immediate

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