Mobile App Development

A successful mobile application is available anywhere, anytime. It balances minimalistic, intuitive design with feature rich functionality. In order to achieve this difficult balance we spend the time to thoroughly understand your business, customers, features, functionality and goals for the mobile application. We translate your requirements into a design that is natural and inviting to users that also provides the features and functionality they desire. Our experienced and skilled team knows how to walk the fine line between design and features that a mobile application requires to provide the user experience your customers are looking for wherever and whenever they might be. While a website is a vital and important part of your business it is estimated by Gartner that mobile traffic to websites surpassed PC traffic in 2013 making a mobile version of your site all the more important. Mobile versions of your site allow you to offer the same features and functionality that you do to your PC visitors but in a more appropriate design and layout for the smart phone or tablet. Often the same content and functionanlity can be repurposed making mobile websites easy to develop and maintain. Just like with website desing our team at THE YEGOHOST has a wealth of experience in mobile deisgn and development that will allow us to extend a consistent and seamless experience to the mobile devices so that your customers can use your site whenever and wherever they are.